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Midpoint Bearing, An EIS Company, is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone, and applying the relevant accessibility standards. For example, we have developed this website and perform tests for conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).   This Accessibility Statement applies to our website, with a homepage located at www.midpoint.eis-inc.com.   

Accessibility Assistance.  Alternate Method. 

If you have difficulty using or accessing any page, element, or function of this website, please feel free to call us at 678-249-3792 or email us at [email protected] and we will work with you to provide the information, item, or transaction you seek through an alternate communication method or method that is accessible for you consistent with applicable law (for example, through telephone support or by directing you to an alternate accessible on-line resource).


Additional Feedback

We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of Midpoint Bearing. Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers on www.midpoint.eis-inc.com:

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Address: 2018 Powers Ferry Rd SE, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30339