Midpoint Bearing

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H2O Weld LLC, part of Oweld Group, global leader in the production of oxy-hydrogen gas generators more known as “water welders” for brazing, welding, and soldering since 1981. We provide brazing systems for small, medium, and large repair shops and transformer, electric motors, and power generator OEMs. Cleaning slots without affecting the magnetic properties of the steel, removing any kind of enamel from wires, and brazing all in one step! CTC stripping and brazing, Brazing heavy duty wires, Mylard, Nomex, large section brazing and small wires brazing, brazing aluminum flat wire, small cross sections and large cross sections with no heat transfer, removing bearing bearings with no damages to the shaft, commutator brazing and soldering, brazing windings, slip rings, couplings, pulleys, gears.

Some advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • Concentrate flame
  • No heat transfer
  • Safe - maximum pressure 7 PSI
  • No more gas-pressurized bottles
  • Multiple independent brazing stations
  • Green technology
  • No c02 emissions
  • Premixed gas
  • Flexible
  • Centralized brazing systems
  • No need for centralized copper or metal installation
  • Very low installation cost